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After years of waiting, DeLazoo’s self-produced Debut EP is here on April 15th. The Waiting place is a Free album that you can stream or download via Help us promote the EP by clicking on the share button below the album cover. Again this is a free Album, but there’s an option to tip if you’re feeling it.

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Raised in Kalamazoo, Mi, it would be unlikely to think that DeLaZoo (Devin Harrison) would acquire a passion and talent for hip-hop. With two New Jersey-bred parents more partial to playing Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel in the house, DeLaZoo’s options for hip-hop/r&b music was initially limited to what was on the radio, or what Carson Daley had played on TRL after school. With years of classical piano training and a Yamaha performance grand with a looping mode, Devin started to re-make the dirty south and r&b beats he heard on TV at the age of 9, and would later branch off into making his own.

Always solitary, Devin would spend the next years developing his craft in his humble basement studio, graduating from a bootlegged copy of FL Studio to a professional MPC Drum machine. After hearing Slum Village for the first time in middle school, he continued to record his own tracks, only now adding his own vocals, rapped and sung. Throughout high school, DeLa casually dropped remixes and original on his YouTube page. Without much effort, DeLaZoo had gone organically viral, reaching 12,000 subscribers out of his basement, leading to him opening for major acts such as J. Cole and Royce da 5’9, and talking calls from labels, all still in high school. His online success ultimately led to him signing a development deal and moving to West Hollywood, CA after he had graduated high school.

However, a year later the deal had produced only creative differences and strife, and DeLaZoo was ultimately dropped after his song “Art School”, which was made in response to his failing management team.

Enter M3.

Masta Ace and DeLaZoo

While in the defeated process of moving out of L.A. and back to Michigan, Devin had been contacted by an affiliate of the label, stating the his music had reached the hands of none other than New York hip-hop veteran Masta Ace, who was interested. Disenchanted by the pop-leaning deal he had been recently fired from, DeLaZoo was immediately onboard, and the years following were spent crafting how a debut project was supposed to sound. With mentorship of Masta Ace, and input from in-house producer/engineer DJ Rob, the team was able to combine DeLaZoo’s scaling influences of mid-west hip-hop, r&b, and electronic elements into a cutting edge Self Produced EP. The Waiting Place arrives on April 15, 2016.


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Table Manners (Remix) Feat. Torae, Masta Ace, and DJ Js-1

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Bound 2.5 (Kanye West Remix) Prod. DeLaZoo

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DeLaZoo Raps in the Park over “Control”

Upcoming Shows

Mar 31  Bells Brewery                       Kalamazoo, MI

Apr 10   Beauty Bar                           Las Vegas, NV

Apr 13   Balcony Backstage             Durango, CO

Apr 15   Hodi’s Half Note                 Fort Collins, CO

Apr 16   Cervante’s Otherside         Denver, CO


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